Friday, 30 August 2013

Yolk Hero - Giveaway

I love baking...well who doesn't?! And now, with the return of the Great British Bake Off it seems like the perfect time to run a giveaway for something which makes baking just that little bit easier...

The Yolk Hero is the solution for those of us who always seem to end up with a bit of shell in our cake mixes when separating eggs, or whose yolks just seem to drop into those carefully separated egg whites.

It's a fun little fellow, perfect for brightening up your kitchen gadget drawer. So enter the competition below for a fun, mess free way to separate your yolks.

Don't worry if you don't can always buy one, like I did here: src=gpute&gclid=CMP1kq20pbkCFcfJtAodjAoAkw

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Say cheese

Remember the squidgy soft triangles of Laughing Cow Cheese from packed lunches and break time snacking from your youth? Well, they've grown up...
The Laughing Cow has recently launched a new range of light cheeses targeting those with a more selective cheesy palate - Light Emmental and Light Blue Cheese.
There are few things which aren't improved with a touch of cheese - from pasta and sandwiches to salads and soups and these squares are not only light in calories, but so easy to use. If you are watching your weight or just love cheese a little bit too much, these are the perfect solution to adding creaminess to dishes without the added calories.
The Emmental had a soft but distinctively nutty flavour, while the blue cheese, although it didn't look blue at all, definitely had a hint of Cropwell Bishop or Stilton in the flavour.
These really are a fantastic fridge staple - for kids and big kids!
Find out more here:   
Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these to try by Laughing Cow. Thanks lovely ladies :-)