Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Baking Bug

I've really got the baking bug at the moment and have pulled together a list of must make cakes etc.

Top of the list is a nice Lancashire Parkin cake which always reminds me of Bonfire night, when my mum would knock up a batch.

Then i'm going to try making a lemon tart (inspired by Mary Berry), a Sacher Torte (again inspired by the Great British Bake Off) and i've recently found an amazing recipe for cinnamon tear and share bread. 

So expect some baking updates over the next few weeks along with my usual restaurant ones!

All i need now is to invest in a Kitchen Aid mixer or Kenwood to help make my baking easier. It's almost Father Christmas, if you are listening...I've been a good girl!


  1. I've been trying to buy one (used) on e-bay but they still reach very high prices, even the old ones...All because of the British bake off I would say, everyone's got the bug!

  2. I've been looking on ebay too - nightmare!

  3. All sound delicious. I'm looking forward to your future posts. Love your blog! I'm now following :)

    xo andrea

  4. Thanks Andrea. Your pumpkin mac n cheese looks amazing!x

  5. Look forward to seeing them all. Have you been a very good girl for Father Christmas?

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