Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nice and spicy

I'm always up for a bit of a challenge, so was excited to receive an email from Sheba at the Absolute Indian Cookery School in Hertfordshire, announcing the new spice boutique where customers can buy authentic Indian spices direct

I've always wanted to be a dab hand at cooking Indian food. I never get to visit any Indian restaurants due to my nut allergy, so have to content myself with Anjum Anand's cookbook for whipping up recipes. As much as i'd like to think i'm okay in the kitchen, Indian cookery has me a bit stumped.

However, Sheba sent me some great recipe cards to have a go at and a few ingredients.  The recipe cards look easy enough to follow, so i'll be giving it a go shortly and will post the results.  And if not, I might end up going to one of Sheba's classes at the Absolute Indian Cookery School, to get a helping hand!

So, watch this space!

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