Saturday, 1 September 2012

Foodie pen pals #2

There is nothing better than receiving a parcel in the post, which is why i'm loving being a member of foodiepenpals.  Every month i receive a fab foodie package from another blogger/tweeter and in return I send one out to another lucky soul.

This month I received a fantastic parcel courtesy of Nina at

Unfortunately I ate the jelly babies before I even photographed the package! My husband grabbed the Oddities and tucked in straight away too.

We made the Parmesan and sundried tomato bread last weekend and it was delicious.  Really easy to make and turned out fantastically. We ate it topped with Olive Tapenade which was really fantastic.

I've not had a chance to try the jam yet - but love jam, so that's all good.  Perfect for a Victoria sponge!

Can't wait till next month!

P.S I really need to work on my photography skills. I'm hoping i'll pick up some tips at the food blogger connect event in September



  1. Some great stuff in here - I've tasted those bread mixes before, they are SO good! And the bacon Oddities, yum.

  2. Amanda, hello! I am Foodie Penpal and I was shocked to read the feedback about your parcel to Lithuania. The girl who wrote it she has really strange sence of humour or commont sence whatever... I feel so shamed that she is from Lithuania as I am... Your parcel was nice and useful! But she was too rude on the world. Do not think that Lithuanians are like that and do not afraid to be FP of them (luckily that girl stoped participating in FP!!! Lucky everybody!) and please enjoy FP in future months.

    Best wishes