Friday, 5 October 2012

Sharps Connoisseur range

Being a PR myself I am ashamed to say it has taken me far too long to post this up, having received the samples to try. Sorry Sharp's - but it's finally up!
Until very recently I always thought I hated beer but at a recent tasting presentation by Thornbridge Brewery I was shown that's not true at all - it all depends on the type of beer I've been tasting!
So I was interested to try the new range by Sharp's - the Connoisseur's choice range of premium beers.  All designed to work well with food!
Now, I didn't get to try them all as i'm afraid I came home to discover my husband had tucked into them as i'd left them in the fridge unguarded! He,however, loved them, and I managed to taste some of the Single Brew.
It has a fresh, herbal lemon aroma (according to the website) and i'd have to agree. It was very light and clean in flavour. Fantastic with a piece of fish or a salad.
Definitely worth a try - buy online from

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