Saturday, 9 February 2013

Foodie Penpals - Final parcel

Well, I'm certainly posting this one a bit late. Way back in October I resigned from the Foodie Penpals program after a nasty run in with a lady from Lithuania who wrote an incredibly rude post about the parcel i'd sent her.

So, October was my last delivery of foodie pen pal goodies. And boy, was it a goodie. I was incredibly lucky to be partnered with Ksenija from Health Ninja.

I mentioned that I was looking to eat a bit healthier, so she included a variety of 'healthy' items and included a recipe and all the ingredients needed. I also asked her if she'd add in some of Katja's yoghurt gummis as they are a real favourite of mine.

Great parcel and a great way to end the program in style.

Take a look at Ksenija's healthy eating blog here:

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