Thursday, 25 July 2013

Desert Island Dishes - cookbook review

Thanks to the Maldon Salt team, I had a great cookbook to review this month - Desert Island Dishes.

The book was launched this year to celebrate 130 years of Maldon Salt and has recipes from the World's Top chefs including Rick Stein, Albert Roux, Jason Atherton, Gary Rhodes and many many more and with a foreword by Jay Rayner. Big names showing their love and versatility of Maldon salt.

Maldon is a top pick for chefs, and even for home cooks like myself. Nothing really compares - the all natural flakes really do just taste better and add extra flavour to all your dishes.

The cookbook takes you through a variety of recipes which all feature salt (obviously) but which vary in ease - meaning there is something for everyone.

Chocolate truffle recipe
Stuffed Seabass with fennel
Recipes vary from the pretty simple to follow, to a little more advanced, but of course, all contain the very important ingredient - Maldon Salt.

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  1. I was thinking of that book when it first came out.
    Thank you for the detailed review.