Friday, 16 July 2010

Bob Bob Ricard - Dinner on a 1920's train

I've always fancied being in a Poirot. The romance and drama of helping him discover the murderer onboard the Orient Express has always appealed. Poirot plays his role as detective in a glamourous, old fashioned world.

So my trip to Bob Bob Ricard helped me to satisfy some of these dreams. I went along with two female friends (one Kosher) for a slap up meal and a gossip.

On entrance we were greeted by attentive staff who kept us stocked up on Prosecco and who were always at our beck and call. Certainly the service of a time gone by.

Bob Bob Ricard is a restaurant based on an old railway carriage, with booths reflecting the theme. Very Orient Express.

It really is a bit of a feast for the senses, as well as the tummy! There is a fantastic little button that allows you to order champagne on demand. We pushed it, but nothing happened - disapppointingly. I'm not sure what i was expecting, but no free champagne gushed from the ceiling or suddenly appeared infront of us.

We went straight to the main courses - and I chose the crabcakes. The test of a good crab cake is quantity of crab vs other filling, and i wasn't disappointed. This was a crab filled cake. Try the bubble and squeak too - classic British cooking that doesn't disappoint.

Dessert was a creme brulee - nothing exciting, but tasty. I think i chose the wrong dessert, as one of my friends ordered the strawberry souffle which was a fantastic dish. A little hole is made in the top and the waiter pours in a sugary strawberry sauce.

I would definitely go back - and would recommend dinner there to anyone. Many were tucking into afternoon tea when we were there which looked fantastic. I'd love to go back and give it a try.

Venue: 5 star - absolutely fantastic, nothing like it
Food: 4 star - good food but limited menu
Overall: 4 star - give it a go

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  1. It takes time for a new restaurant to get the menu right, but we are aware that it is still a bit limited. The new, expanded menu (with many new desserts) is coming out a week from Monday. Glad you enjoyed it!