Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I've always had a few issues with Giraffe. I've been there twice in my life time and both times been limited to eating the same dish - and no, i don't remember what it was. Try visiting Giraffe with a nut allergy - i dare you. There is literally nothing on the menu to choose from - everything has, or may have nuts. Pretty poor really. Surely they can manage not to sprinkle nuts on top of everything.

However, I'm always tempted to visit Giraffe due to the bright colours, good feedback I get from everyone else who goes there and the varied and interesting menu, which is why it was with a glad heart I heard that Giraffe has it's own cookbook. The cookbook features over 90 different recipes from across the globe including green onion slaw, miso lime salmon and more.

Sounds like a bit of a challenge to me - now I have access to the Giraffe Family Cookbook (£14 I can create my own 'Giraffe' experience at home. Just have to buy it now (unless Santa drops it off for Christmas!)

I'll update you on how it goes!

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