Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Clarendon

When my friend suggested we go with our boys to a pub for a good old fashioned Sunday lunch I jumped at the chance. So we woke up late, pulled on our jeans and headed off to The Clarendon, which was apparently a pub which did a good Sunday lunch just outside Watford.

Well, we were under-dressed and pub didn't really describe it - definitely a restaurant. Admittedly I should have done some research first, as it doesn't describe itself as a pub but as a restaurant and bar. Fantastically furnished, designer looking venue in the middle of the country side.

We went for mains and dessert. Main for me was a delicious traditional roast beef which came with an enormous Yorkshire pudding on top of the plate. The beef was cooked to perfection and the whole dish well co-ordinated. I finished off with my favourite dessert of all time, Creme Brulee and it wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was decent enough.

If we'd just been for the food and weren't worried about the service, the meal would have been amazing. Unfortunately, we received appalling service. Drinks were taken away before being fully drunk. The waitress actually stuck her finger in my drink and then instead of getting me a new one, just poured the same one into another glass.

It took ages to order and staff were hard to get hold of and miserable. One of the waitresses, who was highly pregnant, was trying her best, but needed more help.

All in all, great meal, fantastic location and i think we were probably unlucky with the service. I'd definitely try it again. Great place to take someone you want to impress (parents?)
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  1. Loving the link to the Earl of Clarendon website :)

  2. Oops - guess he's been getting lots of link throughs from me...hee hee. I'm sure you could have dinner with him if you wanted!