Tuesday, 12 July 2011

L'Italiana, St Albans

Since we moved to St Albans, a full year and a half ago, there were two places we didn't hear the end of - The Waffle House and L'Italiana. Well, we've made it to the waffle house once already (review to go up soon I promise) but until Friday night, we had tried and tried but not been able to get a table at L'Italiana. Amazed that we finally managed to pin down a table, we were pretty eager to get started and arrived ten minutes before our booking.

We were told to wander around town for ten minutes before we could take our seats - which was a little strange, but I felt the food would be worth it, so didn't mind too much.

We shared some calamari to start, which was melt in your mouth delicious. Followed by a L'Italiana pizza on my part (rocket, parma ham, cheese and tomato) and a prawn and scallop pasta for my other half. Both were fantastic - in particular the pasta.

We finished up with an irish coffee and a creme brulee (as all my friends/readers know, i'm a bit partial to a creme brulee!)

Overall the dinner was pleasant and well put together but neither of us could understand quite why the restaurant was so busy.

I think this is one of the places you go to for the atmosphere more than anything...singing along, clapping to the music and dancing all make for a great night out.

Definitely one to go back to!

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